How to Unlock your inner Creativity when it comes to Graphic Design

Ready to ignite your passion and showcase your unique creativity? Dive into invaluable insights from expert designers who are shaping the future of design!

🎨  Sheza Marinova, Graphic Designer at TikTok, shares her fulfilling journey:Being a Graphic Designer at TikTok is an absolute privilege and a truly fulfilling job for me. I have the ability to convey important messages through my work on projects like Pride, Black History Month, The Creator Council, and many more. It’s an amazing position that allows me to create work that celebrates diversity and empowers communities.

As a child, I loved art and painting and knew I wanted to work in the creative industry. Choosing a career in Graphic Design gave me the opportunity to work on projects that can make a positive difference in the world and provide a real sense of purpose.”

🌍 Kevin M. Dulle, Visual Translator, on staying ahead in design: “Staying current is critical for me. With experience in design, I’m both a certified experience expert and educate others as a cofounder of the World Experience Organization. My mission is making better experiences and experiences better. 

For the past 6 years, I’ve collaborated with B. Joseph Pine II, co-author of the Experience Economy book, as an illustrator. To keep up with graphic design, I rely on news outlets and groups for insights. However, my style remains unique, avoiding trendy changes and focusing solely on improvements.”

💡 Need a fresh perspective on creativity? Anjeli Melwaney, User Interface Designer at TikTok, shares her approach:If it’s a lack of motivation, I turn to ‘Do Design: Why Beauty Is Key To Everything’ by Alan Moore. This book’s short stories emphasise the interplay between beauty and functionality, resonating deeply with me. It always brings a fresh perspective, drawing from aeroscience, philosophy, and more to provide a holistic approach to design.

For aesthetic inspiration, I browse platforms like Awwwards, Dribble, and Behance to see other agencies’ and designers’ work. Ran Segall’s Flux Academy on YouTube is a personal favorite for creative insights.

Remember, in the world of design, passion, curiosity, and staying inspired are key. Keep pushing boundaries, and your creativity will make a lasting impact!

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