Get to Know Gil Nizri, CEO & Co-Founder of DMway Analytics

Gil Nizri believes predictive analytics must be accessible and affordable to every business in any industry. His personal commitment is to offer predictive analytics for everyone through a state-of–the-art and easy to use machine learning automation solution. As CEO, Gil leads the strategic direction and the overall corporate management of DMway – an innovator of predictive analytics automation solutions. In this role, Gil leverages his prior success and leadership as Corporate Vice President of Business Development for Ness Technologies. At Ness, Gil built the company’s big data and analytics global domain and its go-to-market strategy. Prior to working at Ness, Gil led Panorama Software’s corporate direction and strategy, and headed sales in the EMEA and APAC regions, helping Panorama exceed its revenue targets for six consecutive years. In this exclusive interview with Manning Global Gil discusses his data-driven journey to becoming CEO of a successful high-tech company, plus offers advice for how leading global organization (Fortune 100+) can get a better perspective of the corporate analytics challenges they face on a daily basis…

How did the idea for DMway originate and what is the key to your success?

Machine learning is not new – it’s been in operation for decades: long, exhausting and costly human processes that demands unique knowledge and education (Often a PHD degree). What we had in mind was removing every barrier of entry to ML by democratising it.

What’s the most important aspect of your role as Co-Founder and CEO of DMway?

Running a startup is like navigating your way through a stormy ocean in a tiny sailboat; you must be fast, agile and change strategy dynamically, yet always be aware of the threat of large waves and big ships!

Great analogy! Please can you tell our readers more about DMway: your structure, how you operate as a company, plus how your business model differs from other data analytics companies…

I’m pleased to say that we have fulfilled so many promises we made to the market as well as to our customers. With DMway the data-driven journey has never been easier or safer. The tool allows our customers to deliver an enormous amount of value to their companies on a daily basis. I’m most proud of the fact that 100% of our users are non-data-scientists. Our users are BI programmers, business analysts and data pros that – although they have experience with data – are not versed in the mechanics of machine learning via data science. The DMway business model also helps to remove every barrier of entry to ML. We charge customers an annual fixed fee subscription with no hidden costs.

Please could you tell us more about your time at Ness Technologies, more specifically how you built the company’s big data and global analytics global domain, and how this helped with your go-to-market strategy…

Leading Ness Technologies’ analytics and big data domain enabled me to meet with leading global companies (Fortune 100+) to get a better perspective of the corporate analytics challenges they face. This provided me with a vocal standpoint about the need for democratisation and the absurdity of the ‘power of few’. Analytics is the brain that enables the manipulation of data – driving a new breed of insight that’s beyond human intuition. The quality of the analytics is heavily reliant on the knowledge and business experience of the non-scientists. These are the real domain experts who successfully build and run every business unit of the organization and the corporate DNA is comprised of their best practices. Therefore, centralising analytics and relegating it to a small amount of people is wrong and it’s definitely not a sustainable way. Democratisation is the only way to maximise the monetisation of analytics inside organizations.

What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence and how it will affect people’s careers going forward?

AI and ML provides a great contribution to the world and to business in general. The ability to alter and substitute many human-carried processes (including data science) that are less efficient with smart machines, will make a better world and better businesses. Some roles will disappear, but many new jobs will appear.

What do you feel will be the top trending tech topic of 2024?

AI and ML will continue to play a significant role in our life. IOT is maturing and companies will pay even more attention to its hidden value. Although the ‘older’ trends of big data and moving to the cloud will still continue to consume a significant portion of tech budgets.

What’s your proudest working accomplishment?

A very notable recent success is a mobile operator who increased mobile-device sales by over 300% using DMway! You can read all about it here!

Enough about business, what are your hobbies outside of work?

I love the outdoors. Traveling with my wife, exploring the beauty of the nature, is my favourite thing in the world!

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to mention?

Yes, click to read my latest LinkedIn articles on data scientists and digital transformation. Oh, and click here to read my interview with Forbes.


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