Bullish on Bitcoin: how to profit in the new crypto economy

Whether you’re entering the space for the first time or you’re a seasoned crypto-nerd with battle scars from multiple bear markets, Misha Yurchenko’s new book, Bullish on Bitcoin, offers invaluable resources and advice on how to keep your cool in this rapidly evolving market. Having survived the inevitable first-year pitfalls of hype, he’s emerged as a veteran with the calm disposition of a Zen master and the wisdom of seasoned trader and investor. Not our words, but those of experienced Data Guru Mark Mindlin. Here’s Misha to tell you more…

A new industry has been forged

Anyone with an internet connection and a curious mind can take advantage of the dozens of both shorter and longer term strategies to profit in the new crypto economy.

Blockchain startups like SingularityNet are creating ecosystems of AI bots that can communicate with each other to create tasks, and lets anyone monetise them. Once this is streamlined and reaches a critical mass, it will massively reduce friction in the job market (by cutting out the middle man) and result in ‘instant jobs.’ Imagine a Facebook feed except all the posts are micro tasks and jobs that you can do (this is similar to how the app Earn works). 

Over 40% of Americans are either freelancers or doing some sort of freelance works, and the trend is similar on a global scale. It’s clear that we all crave autonomy and control over our time and work, and I believe we’re all entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a loaded word, but it’s becoming easier and easier. The million dollar, one person business is a reality that wouldn’t have been possible a couple of decades ago.

There’s no better time than now to find a job in the blockchain space

I mean it. The shortage of blockchain skills in software engineering will soon spread across all disciplines: marketing, finance, logistics, and more. On global job board Indeed, over 500 blockchain developer positions in the United States, 200 in the United Kingdom and 90 in Singapore need filling. Whether or not you fancy a career as a programmer, the more knowledge you have of blockchain development the more competitive a candidate you will be in today’s job market. 

The blockchain is changing our organisational structures, functions and even governance. Non-tech workers should understand basic blockchain functions such as the role of smart contracts in executing business functions, cryptography in providing security, and mining in transaction processing. If you’re a marketer, understanding token economics and how incentives and rewards work in DApps is the future of marketing.  


Where to begin? 

You can start by taking online courses. They make it easier to become ‘blockchain certified’ while setting flexible study times that fit into a busy work or school schedule. Since blockchain platforms share in the revenue, you may even make money while training and job searching. B21Block, Coinmonks are crypto specific courses, and courses on Udemy / Coursera / Skillshare are also great places to start. Lastly, to learn more about how you can use blockchain skills and knowledge in your career, join blockchain career groups on LinkedIn. Hub.Careers has a popular blockchain subgroup. Also, search blockchain job boards such as the CryptoJobsList.


Before you go…

I have a Facebook group for those who want to stay updated with my book launch. You can also purchase my book here! It’s also now available as an audiobook, which you can purchase here!


Misha Yurchenko is a Japan-based recruiter, writer and entrepreneur. He has consulted startups, Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Facebook on hiring strategy, and his work has been featured by Forbes and Newsweek. He also writes on a variety of topics ranging from the job market, technology, and Japanese culture. 

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