Happy World Telecommunications Day 2024

To celebrate World Telecommunications Day on 17th May, we’re honouring the incredible strides made in connectivity and the professionals who make it all possible! Here’s some top telco tips from industry experts!

David Roncero, a Telecom Engineer with over 15 years in telecoms, highlights the game-changing advancements: 

“Optical fiber for telecom and touchscreen for terminals.” His key to success? “Need to know how to control your stress levels! After that, you need good organisational skills and be sociable.”

Guilermo Bernal, a Global Technical Support Manager, shares his excitement for the future of telecoms:

“I am excited to consider the possibilities of the future. I believe that a future in which we are more connected, that can offer us a wider variety of solutions, will improve our way of life. My biggest fear could be that our improved capacity to connect with devices somehow damages our capacity to connect with each other. 

In the telecommunications field we provide solutions for the people to get closer, not further apart! I also fear that the actual political environment damages the possibilities of this field to grow… telecoms requires a world willing to get integrated, not a world that wants to live apart!”

Here’s a telecom tip from James Williams, a seasoned Mobile Industry Fraud Fighter: 

“I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years now and in order to get the best from it, I’ve definitely had to be flexible in so many ways. It pays to be curious and if you don’t know something, just ask. 

My experience has been that in almost all circumstances, people are willing to spend a bit of time with you taking you through things, providing you show genuine enthusiasm and interest. And, like everything in life in general, never assume anything. Assumption really can be damaging in so many ways.”

Finally, here’s the top 10 trends reshaping the telecom landscape in 2024 according to Juniper Research:

1️⃣ Accelerated Satellite Launches Integrating Terrestrial & Non-terrestrial Cellular Networks!

New satellite launches will enable cellular, fixed and satellite networks to work in tandem to provide seamless global coverage.

2️⃣ Increased Usage of Open APIs in Telecoms, Driven by Escalating SMS Pricing and Fraud!

Say goodbye to SMS limitations! Open APIs gain momentum, offering businesses and developers new channels for messaging, combating rising prices, and fraud.

3️⃣ Generative AI Set to Revolutionise Conversational AI through Automated Personalized Marketing Campaigns!

Generative AI will automate the creation of personalised marketing content for tailored conversational interactions with customers.

4️⃣ Proliferation of iSIM-capable Devices in 2024, Fuelling Global eSIM Adoption!

Embrace the future with iSIM-capable devices! Hardware changes and SGP.31/32 launches will drive global eSIM adoption.

5️⃣ EU’s DMA Pressures OTT Channels to Develop Cross-platform Capabilities, with Apple Responding by Supporting RCS!

OTT channels will be under intense pressure to develop cross-platform capabilities or risk major penalties from EU regulators.

6️⃣ 5G Data Roaming Traffic to Accelerate BCE 2.0 Protocol Adoption!

Fast-track to BCE 2.0! Expect significant momentum due to increased 5G roaming traffic.

7️⃣ Prioritisation of Sustainable Initiatives to Reduce the Impact of Telco Supply Chains!

Operators will drive new initiatives to reduce their environmental impact, following diminished returns on network virtualisation.

8️⃣ Large Language Models to Lower Entry Barriers for Voicebot Implementation!

Unlocking new capabilities! Large Language Models enhance voicebots for personalized services and improved business efficiency.

9️⃣ 5G Advanced Networks Enabling New Mobility & XR Markets!

Industries rejoice! 5G Advanced fuels new mobility and XR markets with backward compatibility expediting implementation timelines

🔟 Network-wide AI Implementation Increasing Efficiency as 6G Approaches!

Gear up for 6G! Network-wide AI implementation optimises operations as operators prepare for the next-gen networks.

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