Get to know Employee Engagement Expert, Maryann Manasseh

Let’s embark on a journey into the world of Maryann Manasseh, a multifaceted employee engagement expert and communication coach whose story is a testament to her commitment to fostering human connections. With over two decades of experience as a renowned emcee, Maryann’s expertise is well-established. However, what truly sets her apart is her ability to seamlessly blend her professional roles with her deeply personal experiences… As you’re about to find out!

Maryann in her own words…

As an emcee, engagement expert with my module called ‘Engage your inner human’, and communication coach with a module called ‘Aawaaz’ (which means “voice” in Hindi), my expertise spans various facets of communication and human engagement. In my role as a communication coach, I have had the privilege of helping individuals harness the power of their voices and improve their communication skills. 

Approach to Self-Discovery

Maryann’s journey into self-discovery is a remarkable testament to her dedication. Her certification as a master practitioner in NLP, a storyteller, and a specialist in non-violent communications highlights her commitment to mastering the art of connecting with individuals on a profound level.

“I am a certified NLP master practitioner (2010), storyteller (2012), and non-violent Communications specialist (2018).”

Benefits of Engaging the Inner Human

The benefits of embracing our inner humanity are profound, and Maryann’s clients have attested to the transformative power of her approach. Openness, a quality often praised in her work, stems from improved team communication, fostering greater trust, and nurturing deeper connections among participants.

“Openness is one of the most frequent testimonials I receive from my clients regarding the aforementioned question.”

Success Stories from her clients

Rather than speaking for herself, Maryann graciously allows the success stories of her clients to take center stage (see below for a recent example from her client). Her testimonials are a testament to the tangible impact of her work, painting a vivid picture of transformation and achievement.

Adapting to Remote Work Environments

In an era of remote work, Maryann’s steadfast belief in the power of physical spaces to foster genuine connections stands out. Her conviction that humans are inherently social creatures underscores her dedication to preserving the authenticity of human interaction.

“I don’t participate in virtual engagement events. I believe that we need to be in physical spaces to truly create meaningful experiences together.”

Maryann’s Role and Approach

Maryann’s coaching module, ‘Aawaaz,’ encapsulates her mission. It goes beyond honing communication skills; it takes individuals on an inner journey, helping them discover and unleash their voices while transcending limitations and societal conditioning.

“There’s a reason my coaching module is called ‘Aawaaz,’ which means ‘Voice’ in Hindi; I believe that every individual possesses a unique voice.”

Work Experience

Maryann’s expertise is well-established. Her role as an emcee specialising in corporate events is just one facet of her multifaceted career.

“I am a renowned emcee with over two decades of experience in public speaking.”

Personal Introduction

Beyond her professional achievements, Maryann’s personal life is equally inspiring. She is not just a professional; she’s a mother of two, a caregiver to her husband, and a survivor of life’s challenges.

“I am a mother of two children: my son, who is 11 years old, and my daughter, who is 7 years old. Additionally, I am also a caregiver to my husband, who is on a challenging journey battling chronic kidney disease. He has undergone two renal transplants and is also a survivor of aortic dissection type A.”

Hobbies and Interests

Delving into her personal interests, Maryann’s journey began on the dance floor. Her career as a Jive and rock and roll dancer is a testament to her vibrant spirit. It was on this very dance floor that fate took-over – as Maryann explains below…

“I started off my career as a Jive and rock and roll dancer, and I met my husband on the dance floor.”

Creative Pursuits

Maryann’s creative pursuits extend far beyond her professional roles and perfectly encapsulate her personal mantra that “Happiness is a choice.” Storytelling, craftwork, and painting are outlets for her artistic expression. And then there’s her playful side – creating “comically terrible songs” for her kids, a testament to her lighthearted approach to life.

“I find great joy in storytelling, craftwork, paintingOh, and a surprising fact is that I also ride a Bullet motorcycle!”

Personal Achievement

Beyond her professional roles, Maryann’s role as the Director of Communication for the Kidney Warriors Foundation holds deep meaning. Her dedication to supporting patients and caregivers on their journey through chronic kidney disease is a testament to her compassionate nature.

“I take great pride in my work as Director of Communication for India’s largest patient advocacy organization (Kidney Warriors Foundation). I support patients and caregivers on their journey through chronic kidney disease.”

Life Philosophy

Maryann’s life philosophy is a profound reflection of her perspective on existence – a reminder that our individuality is a conduit for the interconnectedness of all things.

To sum up my life philosophy in a sentence: “I am nothing through which everything flows.” 

Letter to Younger Self

In a heartfelt letter to her younger self, Maryann expresses empathy and acknowledges the challenges she’s faced; underscoring her resilience and the transformative power of her life experiences…

“Dear Maryann, I want to express my gratitude for everything you’ve experienced, and I’m also sorry for the challenges you’ve faced. These experiences have played a significant role in shaping who I am today.”

Recharging and Reconnecting

Maryann’s approach to recharging and reconnecting with her inner humanity is a practice in mindfulness. It’s a reminder that, amidst the hustle and bustle of life, taking a moment to be present is a precious gift to oneself.

“Pausing, spending silence with myself, and mindfully meeting myself through every being.”

Final Thoughts…

Maryann Manasseh’s journey is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, unwavering dedication, and an enduring belief in the power of human connection. Her story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that our personal and professional lives need not exist in isolation but can harmoniously coexist to create a life rich in meaning and purpose.

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