It’s good to talk… how to make your cold call red hot!

Choosing the perfect employee is the key to a successful business. If done properly, cold calling enhances the potential to recruit the right candidate for the job. The process may have gotten easier thanks to sites like LinkedIn and Xing  but there’s still a place for recruitment cold calls.

Below are five tips for strengthening your cold call recruiting match. Remember, if your organisation doesn’t make a good first impression with potential employees, then your company won’t attract the top talent! 

  1. Be sure to always sell your business Before educating the candidate on the job description, you need to first sell your company’s vision and demonstrate why your organization is such a good place to work. Remember, complete transparency and attention to detail is a must; you need to encourage job seekers to ask questions and educate them on your working culture. Which brings us nicely on to…
  2. Socialising with the candidate It can be exhausting calling 30 potential candidates but you have to remain positive and stimulating every time you call. An obvious statement, but you must never come across as bored and uninterested – if you do, then the candidate is more than likely going to feel the same way, too! Engaging the candidate is the most critical part of the job, even if it’s on call 49 of 50!
  3. The follow-up call One of the biggest complaints of candidates is the lack of respect shown to them by recruiters. They invest their time applying for the role, then never hear back from the recruiter again. Remember, job seekers who feel that they were treated badly will respond in kind and tell friends of their bad experience. Follow-up calls with job seekers are a personal touch which ensure the candidate walks away with a positive impression of the business – even if they don’t get the position. The follow-up call can be time-consuming, but it’s an essential tool in preserving your company’s image and facilitating the ability to recruit the best talent.
  4. Find out as much information as possible Background, skills, experience… you need to gather as much information on the candidate as possible in order to make an informed decision if they’re the right fit for your organization. You don’t want to waste your time (and theirs) on an unsuccessful cold call. However, never underestimate the power of the referral; the candidate may be able to put forward a colleague better suited to the role, or they may turn out to be a good fit for another position you’re trying to fill. You won’t know this unless you continue digging for information.
  5. Finally, always remember to track your progress! Applicant tracking software does more than just sift through CVs and look for keywords – it helps to keep track of candidates you’ve reached out to and where they currently are in the recruitment process. This can make the follow-up easier for recruiters as they can see who has been spoken to and who is due a follow-up call.

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